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Take a look around: How one group sees the future of I-65/I-70 near downtown Indy

A rendered graphic of the proposed redesign (Photo Provided/ Rethink Coalition)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Imagine the North Split in Indianapolis. Now picture a large traffic circle lined with trees near 11th Street in the area where I-65 and I-70 intersect.

The Rethink Coalition on Wednesday revealed its proposed redesign of the rest of a heavily-trafficked area near 16th Street that Rethink calls the Inner Loop. Rethink says the design expands on recent work on the North Split, calling that project “just the start.” of the quest to improve I-65 and I-70 in Indy.

An important part of their vision includes the construction of underground tunnels for traffic, called the recessed interstate. According to the group’s Visionary Study, a recessed interstate would improve safety, cause less noise than the current interstate configuration. that would have greenspace on top.

Rethink believes that this approach to urban planning, “addresses traffic challenges while prioritizing community connectivity, equitable development opportunities, green spaces, and quality of life considerations.”

The website provides visual renderings of what Rethink imagines the project to look like upon completion. Rethink says key features of the renders include:

  • Enhanced traffic flow and reduced environmental impact.
  • Inclusive economic development of newly created and under-developed land.
  • Thoughtful integration of green spaces and pedestrian-friendly zones.
  • Community connectivity through multimodal, walkable treescapes and strategic capping of the recessed interstate.

Indy Chamber’s Vice President of Policy and Strategy, Taylor Hughes, said in a release that the concept “not only addresses our city’s traffic challenges but also opens up opportunities for thoughtful development, community connectivity, and enhanced quality of life.”

Rethink Coalition has launched a new website for their project.