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Taylor Swift shows love to local record stores in time for Record Store Day

Record Store Day

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — In a fortunate quirk of the calendar, Taylor Swift’s new album is a boon to local record stores at the very time many are celebrating such businesses.

Saturday is International Record Store Day, and one local owner says Swift is terrific for his business and customers.

“Absolutely and especially this week,” shared Luna Music owner Todd Robinson.

He says while the details of Swift’s new release were a mystery to most of the world, the superstar definitely looks out for independent record stores.

“We got about 96 hours notice earlier in the week … she had three other variants for us independent record stores. Each has different songs on them and different album covers. The Swifties completely love to collect physical artifacts from Taylor, and she creates beautiful ones for them to collect,” Robinson said.

Robinson opened his store an hour early on Friday for the first wave of Swifties to shop.  He hopes for many more over the weekend during his celebration of Record Store Day.  

Luna stocks all formats, but Swift’s embrace of vinyl reflects a wider trend that Robinson is happy to serve.

“Everybody seems to have gathered around and really loves gathering, having that 12″ by 12″ (record), being able to read the liner notes, and having that physical interaction with the record itself. You get to drop the needle, you have to get up and turn it over to side two. It’s brought some excitement back, that’s for sure,” he said.

Luna is in its 30th year in business, and Robinson uses each Record Store Day as a good reason for a big bash. “It was initially conceived to shine a spotlight on independent records stores and the culture that surrounds them.  We always use that as kind of an excuse to have a party and do things as best we can,” he said.

This year’s version includes live performances, exclusive releases for sale, donuts, drinks, and more.

Saturday’s hours are 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. at 5202 North College Avenue in Indianapolis.

To learn more, watch the full interview above.