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Wedding venue operator purchases 6 businesses in Fountain Square Theatre building

(WISH Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The owners of a downtown wedding venue purchased six businesses in the Fountain Square Theatre building.

Mark Smith and Roger Reeves, the owners of The Sanctuary on Penn, made the purchase early July. Smith confirmed the purchase to News 8, as well as upcoming plans for the theatre building.

Smith said ten apartments were also purchased.

Smith told News 8 their initial focus was primarily on the theatre. He says he believes the theatre can go a long way. He says they weren’t aware that the theatre contained multiple businesses attached to it. Smith said Linton Calvert was the original owner of the Fountain Square Theatre building after him and his wife Fern purchased the building in 1993. He says after Calvert moved to Florida and sold the building, it’s their goal to continue what Calvert started.

“We’re carrying the torch that he lit,” Smith said. “Our focus is really on the theatre.”

Smith says both him and Reeves plan to continue working on business renovations at the theatre going forward. Smith hopes to expand business from The Sanctuary on Penn to the theatre, essentially having two wedding venues available for the public.

Smith says he hopes to host at least 60 to 70 events a year, including weddings and parties.