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Meet ‘Sk-aylor’ Swift, the Taylor Swift Halloween display that is generating buzz all over Zionsville

Meet ‘Sk-aylor’ Swift, the Taylor Swift Halloween display that is generating buzz all over Zionsville 11pm

ZIONSVILLE, Ind. (WISH) — A Taylor Swift Halloween display is the talk of Zionsville as the hype around the pop star continues to grow just weeks before the re-release of her 1989 album.

“We call her ‘Sk-aylor’ Swift to be fun,” said Michal Owens, the “Mastermind” behind the larger-than-life display.

This is part of a Halloween tradition for the Owens family. Each year they dress up their family of skeletons as something fun to celebrate the holiday.

Owens is a Taylor Swift fan herself, and said the blue outfit was a specific choice to pay homage to the October re-release of 1989.

“Taylor (Swift) is rerecording her music so that she can own it and so her re-record of 1989 is coming out this month and this was just kinda my nod to that era,” Owens said.

Swift’s ten albums are color-coded by fans and Swift herself. Her fifth album, 1989, is known as the “blue album.” Swift wore a blue outfit similar to what Owens recreated on her skeleton on the night she announced when the re-recorded 1989 album would be released.

Putting together a 12-foot Swift was no small feat but when it was done, it was “The Best Day.”

“The hair is three wigs sewn together. (She) had to have the bangs,” Owen said. “The dress had to be a two-piece to fit with the theme and it’s just a cut-up photo backdrop.”

The outfit is not the only nod to the “Superstar” — eagle-eyed fans know the references in the Swifties outfits “All Too Well.”

“(The first is) a reference to out of the woods, the paper airplane,” Owen said. “This, (the middle skeleton,) is just kind of a reference to an outfit she used to wear on tour. The bottom one is ‘Death by a Thousand Cuts,’ which is from her ‘Lover’ album.”

Owens noticed “Sparks Fly” between Swift and the Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce on “The Very First Night” they were seen together and added him to her display.

“When she attended the Chiefs game I just thought it would be fun to make one of them Travis Kelce,” Owen said. “So it took me a few days to find a shirt big enough but I found a blank shirt, painted the 87 and of course had to add the mustache.”

And when asked if Kelece is “the 1” that will fill that “Blank Space” for Swift — Owens leaned towards yes.

“It seems like it but I really don’t know,” Owens said.

Owens said this display just “Hits Different” for some and while there’s been a lot of positive feedback she knows haters are gonna hate hate hate but she will just “Shake It Off” and have fun.

Owens said this display has gotten a lot of attention and just asks everyone to be safe when taking photos.

Taylor Swift’s re-recorded “1989” album will be released on Oct. 27.