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More plaintiffs join class action suit over delayed inmate release

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Two more names were added onto a class action suit filed against the Marion County Sheriff alleging delayed releases from the jail. Michael Boyd and Nicholas Swords joined two other inmates who filed the suit in December.

Swords claims in the suit a cousin paid his bond Dec. 12, 2014 but he wasn’t released from the jail until Dec. 15, 2014. According to the suit, the Marion County Sheriff’s computers didn’t reflect that Sword had seen a judge or his bond was paid.

In Boyd’s case, the suit alleges he was released from jail two days after he was scheduled to be in November 2014. He was serving time for an alcohol related charge. A pretrial hearing is set to Feb. 24 on the suit. This summer, Judge Mark Stoner told I-Team 8 he discovered a similar problem with the delayed releases.

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office declined to comment as their lawyers are still reviewing the amended complaint.