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Buy an Easter egg in Indiana, support Ukrainian troops

WESTFIELD, Ind. (WISH) — A Ukrainian tradition spans continents and culture.

While it’s a joyful experience, Ukrainians say they have had to fight to keep the tradition alive.

Indiana Supports Ukraine for over a year spearheaded efforts to send supplies to troops and people on the ground amid the Russian invasion. One of their latest fundraisers sells Ukrainian Pysanky eggs. In America, we call them Easter eggs.

Oksana Hlushchenko has family in Urkraine but grew up watching her parents, grandparents and great-grandparents design Pysanky eggs. It’s tradition her daughter has also picked up. “After a long winter, and spring comes back to life. It’s the same thing with an egg it gives birth.”

Early Ukrainians had to practice Christianity in secret and do away with traditions, but the brave managed to continue their art in secrecy, allowing it to stay alive and spread, and helping bring what we know as Easter egg decorating to America.

Hlushchenko said, “Whatever we are facing, whatever this world is facing right now, we still can’t celebrate life. We still can celebrate rebirth.”

She says it’s tough watching and hoping for the invasion to finally end, but having people take interest in this European tradition is something to celebrate. “It’s something that helps us to endure.”

People interested in getting in on the fundraiser for Indiana Support Ukraine can message the agency on Facebook or the website.