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Neighbor Power Indy event aims to tackle community concerns

Neighbor Power Indy

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The power to improve your neighborhood is in your hands. That’s the message the Indianapolis Neighborhood Resource Center is hoping to get out.

The nonprofit is gearing up for its annual Neighbor Power Indy event March 7 at Marian University. Registration is free.

The event will hold a bit more weight this year as the city recognizes its bicentennial. Organizers said next weekend’s event is a chance for all communities to come together to address concerns and look for solutions.

Indianapolis is home to roughly 875,000 people. “People in the communities are really what makes a difference in our city,” said Ashlee Weaver with the Resource Center.

The city has about 100 diverse neighborhoods. “We all live in the same city. If you want to get the perspective in terms of how to improve things in the city, you need to get everyone involved,” said Indianapolis resident Sibeko Jywanza.

Jywanza lives on the city’s near-west side. He’ll be participating again in Neighbor Power Indy.

“It’s the name ‘Neighbor Power,’ trying to improve on how the community can communicate with each other within our neighborhood and how to create change,” he said.

It’s a chance for people in every community to come together for workshops and discussions geared toward celebrating accomplishments and issues we all face, including violence, food accessibility and education.

The Neighbor Power Indy events started nine years ago. This year, 20 workshops are expected to attract 400 people.

Weaver said, “It’s really a good day to celebrate the things that are working in our community, especially right now when we are kind of struggling with some issues as a city.”

Jywanza said, “It will always take all of us working together in order to make sure that everyone is taken care of that everyone has a say so.”