New Greenwood aquatics park to open this weekend

GREENWOOD, Ind. (WISH) – On May 23, Greenwood will open their new aquatic center and the mayor said it would be more than just a pool for the city.

Greenwood Mayor Mark Myers hopes the new center will attract businesses to Greenwood, particularly near I-65, where several promising business leads have not worked out.

The new aquatic center is elaborate and boasts a lazy river complete with a current, a lap pool, leisure pool and three water slides.

It will serve as a party venue for residents and also provide swim lessons and water fitness classes.

“It’s got to be the slides. They’re dynamic. They’re dramatic and as soon as you walk in, they’re just this huge impact,” said Parks and Recreation Director Rob Taggart.

The new facility is quite a contrast from the old Greenwood pool that was built in 1955. It was run down, had structural damage and was condemned in 2012.

“Once it was condemned, we had that public outcry. ‘What are we going to do? We need to do something now. We need to do something big,'” said Myers.

The city paid $7.2 million for the center, but had budgeted $10 million for the project. City officials called it an investment.

“As I talk to business leaders around, different firms, they look for those amenities when they’re looking to relocate. They’re looking to make sure we have a nice aquatic center or the walking trails or hiking trails and biking trails. The shopping area, the food. They look for all those things when there looking for a new place to locate their business,” said Myers.

Myers is trying to bring larger businesses to the area, but is frustrated at the lack of interest.

“We’ve had 4 different businesses under contract..all four have backed out, and I don’t understand why. The incentives are there. The infrastructure is there. The location is perfect, prime location and it’s just not selling,” said Myers.

He does have one thing figured out and that is where residents can go for some slipping and sliding.

“It’s really exciting now. We can hardly wait til tomorrow when it’s full of kids, families (and) people having a great time,” said Mayor Myers.

For all of the information on pricing, swim lessons, and more, click here.