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Pennsylvania lawmaker sponsoring bill that requires children to take class on spotting fake news

(WISH) – A lawmaker in Pennsylvania says he is working on legislation that would require children to take a class on spotting fake news.

Representative Tim Briggs is sponsoring the bill that would require children grades first through 12th to take a media literacy class.

Briggs says his bill is still in the early stages. He says he hopes to work with the Department of Education to make improvements.

Briggs says the  volume of media we take in every day can leave some younger minds bogged down.

“So much information is coming at us. Not just kids, but all of us that we just need a second to be able to digest it and filter it to figure out what is real and what is false,” Tim Briggs, Pennsylvania General Assembly said.

The Department of Education says it is looking forward to working with state lawmakers to help eliminate bias in the news.CNN contributed to this report. 

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