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Putnamville prison back to business as usual after H1N1 outbreak

GREENCASTLE, Ind. (WISH) – Officials at the Putnamville Correctional Facility say the prison is back to normal operations after the H1N1 flu virus sickened several inmates and killed one.

Officials say normal operations will be in effect for Tuesday and offenders can get back to normal schedules and participating in their job and program assignments.

The outbreak of flu, which began on Jan. 16, sickened at least 35 inmates and five staffers, said Putnamville Correctional Facility Superintendent Brian Smith. Several inmates were hospitalized in Terre Haute Regional Hospital.

The hospital offered Tamiflu to the staff and offenders who test positive for the virus.

According to jail officials, only one inmate was currently infected with the flu. They were in the intensive care unit at Terre Haute Regional. Five other offenders were being observed for symptoms.

The jail said they are thankful for the staff, offenders and families members for having patience during this time.

“Superintendent Smith did a fantastic job with offenders, staff, family and great communication with all in a very challenging situation,” says Medical Contract Monitor Monica Gibson.