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Retired Secret Service Agent remembers protecting George H.W. Bush

LUBBOCK, Texas (KLBK) — Everyone around the world is remembering our 41st President of the United States, George H.W. Bush. He was an influential man to most including a former secret service here in Lubbock.

“He really took an interest in people and that’s what I loved about him. I learned a lot from him,” said retired Secret Service agent, Steve Barker.

Steve Barker’s eyes light up talking about his time protecting President George H.W. Bush while working in the Secret Service.

“I was on a trip with him when he was president when he went to Australia, Korea, and Japan. That was my first time on air force one,” said Barker. He said his admiration for Bush had nothing to do with politics, but the way the president presented himself when the cameras were off.

“I learned that everyone is important. I learned that everybody has a story to tell. I learned that he loved his family so much that I wanted to strive to see that my family was taken care of like his family was,” Barker said.

Barker explains it’s hard to narrow down his favorite memories with Bush, but one immediately came to mind.

 “An All-Star’s game. I love baseball and I went to Houston and he was at an All-Star’s game. I got to be on that detail so I got to enjoy, besides working with him, I got to enjoy a baseball game,” said Barker.

He said when he heard of Bush’s passing, it broke his heart, but he knows he’s resting in peace.

“He was, you know, a CIA director for a while and goes on to be vice president and president He devoted his entire life because he loved this country and that is what I admire a lot,’ Barker said.

Mr. Barker said after he retired in 2005, he found himself going from protecting presidents to protecting kids. He drives a school bus for Durham Bus Services for Lubbock ISD.