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Sahm’s At The Tower kitchen turned into meal-prep service for families in need

OneAmerica kitchen turned into meal-prep service for families in need

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH)– Sahm’s At The Tower: Cafeteria and Cafe in the OneAmerica building in downtown Indianapolis is used to having things cooking, but these days the kitchen is being used to cook for people in need. It’s a response to the impact the coronavirus pandemic has had on central Indiana’s communities.

Second Helpings and Sahm’s restaurant chain say they saw the crisis coming and were ready to rise to the occasion.

“Our CEO Jennifer Vigran has really been thinking and planning for this COVID virus for several months, as has Ed Sahm, so it was perfect that the two came together for this,” said Second Helpings senior director of programs Nora Spitznogle.

The organizations have collaborated to provide a satellite kitchen preparing meals for people in need. Sahm’s At The Tower was an ideal place for the project because of its 12,000-square-foot kitchen on the first floor. It gives them enough work space to provide social distancing for workers preparing the food.

Spitznogle, says they’re making sure they take care of two groups.

“We’re really focused on the seniors and the families,” she said. “We’re delivering to apartment buildings, senior centers and community centers. Not all of them have great transportation and not all of them have family members that can help.”

With the help of Ed Sahm’s resources, they expect to be able to produce at least 40,000 meals per week. That’s nearly double of what Second Helpings has been doing alone.

Meanwhile, Sahm’s restaurants have used this opportunity to cater to their customers a lot differently. They’ve also opened up a marketplace and pantry where customers can purchase food at grocer prices.

“We’ve turned our menus into family meals so there might be a family meal for five or ten people,” Sahm said.

As the partnership works to help flatten the curve of COVID-19, the demand has only grown. However, that’s a challenge Sahm is prepared to take on.

“We’re prepared to do 10,000 meals a day or more for Second Helpings and just keep doing whatever comes our way [to] get people fed,” he said.

This project was made possible by the United Way’s COVID-19 Community Economic Relief Fund.

If you or someone you know of is in need of immediate assistance call 211 or click here.