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Sen. Donnelly meets with FBI about Indiana terrorism

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Senator Joe Donnelly says the FBI is doing everything they can to make sure Hoosiers are safe.

Donnelly spoke outside the FBI headquarters in Indianapolis on Monday morning.

His comments came after he met with investigators. They discussed what’s being done to stop terrorism in Indiana.

Senator Donnelly requested the meeting.

He said every lead given to them is considered and looked in to.

“There is no perfect world, but we’re working non stop, in every corner, following every lead, to make sure your family is safe,” Donnelly said. “That is not only at the FBI level but at the county sheriff, at the police department level. No tip is too small to give, so if you see something that doesn’t look right, let us know.”

Sen. Donnelly also discussed the importance of the FBI’s partnership with local law enforcement and other federal, state and local agencies in their counter-terrorism efforts.