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Vincennes to host Dark Side of Wabash solar eclipse event

Vincennes preps for solar eclipse

VINCENNES, Ind. (WISH) — Indiana’s oldest city will likely experience the longest amount of darkness in the state.

Scientists say the total solar eclipse will cause Vincennes to go dark for 4 minutes and 5 seconds on April 8.

City officials are calling the event Dark Side of the Wabash. They plan to have local talent perform all weekend.

School has been canceled for Knox County students on April 8. The Knox County Health Department bought glasses for all students, staff, and bus drivers to enjoy the rare event.

Rates for area hotel rooms are running higher compared to other times of the year. On Wednesday morning, News 8 found a room at the Red Roof Inn at 1800 S. Old Decker Road at a cost of $790 on the night of the eclipse.

Sarah Wolfe, eclipse director for Vincennes, says other room rates are even higher. “The peak number that we were told was $1,750 with a four-night minimum. That’s $7,000 a semester at a reasonable community college or a used Honda.”

Wolfe says many people in the city were embarrassed and upset that prices had skyrocketed. “It’s not OK, but it’s really normal, and I understand that collectively we are just aghast that anybody would do that, but, trust me, it’s really happening everywhere.”

Knox County officials suggest people avoid unnecessary travel next weekend by shopping for groceries and gassing up vehicles before the eclipse.

Officials are also recruiting more volunteers for the eclipse weekend; contact Knox County for information.

For information on Knox County events, go to indianaeclipse/events.