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South Bend schools adhere to no-delay policy for bad weather

SOUTH BEND, Ind. (AP) – A spokeswoman for South Bend’s school district says it doesn’t do weather delays, after the district closed for icy weather while other area schools just postponed their start times.

The South Bend Tribune reports the city’s schools closed Thursday, but other places had delays to give time for slick roads to be treated and temperatures to rise.

South Bend schools spokeswoman Sue Coney told the newspaper that the district’s no-delay policy comes out of its need to transport more than 14,000 students. She said a delay would further complicate a busy schedule that also has buses taking students from building to building for different programs throughout the school day.

“We are always willing to look at it again to see if there is a way we could come up with a different system,” Coney said.

South Bend’s school district has a reputation, Coney said, for staying open when others close or delay for bad weather.

The district closed eight times last year. Thursday’s closing was the third this school year. Coney said it has two make-up days built into the schedule.