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The Gospel Ride: Fitness studio using workouts inspired by gospel music

CARMEL, Ind. (WISH) — People in Carmel are buzzing about “The Gospel Ride.”

They say it’s a fitness experience like no other.

“It’s so much more than just a workout class,” Carmel resident Allie Missler said.

It’s a 45-minute cycling session fueled by gospel music and people who participated say that formula leads to burning some serious calories.

Mark Short created the Gospel Ride to motivate people with more than just fitness. He’s using faith to take them on a journey they’ve never been on before.

“It’s electric. People are clapping, they’re cheering, they’re praising,” Short said.

“You’re able to forget what came before and what comes after and you just recharge your spirit your mind your body,” Missler said.

The InCycle studio is using the Gospel Ride as another way to draw attention to their “Choose Kind” campaign.

They’re dedicating the month of February to serving others with random acts of kindness.

Miller says the Gospel Ride experience exceeded all her expectations.

“People are cheering. They’re just excited to be here,” Short said.

Now they want more to come along for the gospel ride in order to feel the atmosphere.

“Our hope is that it starts small and it gets bigger as we move outside these walls into the community,” Miller said.

For more information on The Gospel Ride and other work InCycle is doing in the community, click here.