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Transformation at IPS school to assist in STEM learning

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – At School 65, the plan is to transform an area of their property into a new “makerspace” by Wednesday afternoon. The new area will be used to enhance STEM learning at Raymond Brandes School 65, including teaching the students circuitry, robotics and coding.

The Heart of America Foundation’s goal is to get schools like School 65 ready for kids of the next generation.  Learning environment transformations include a look on how a room or an area is being used and how a new design, and resources like technology and books, as well as new furniture and decor can create a modern learning environment for the whole school community. 

Since 2014, The Heart of America Foundation has refurbished libraries, cafeterias, classrooms, tech labs, stem spaces and “makerspaces” for students in North Chicago, Puerto Rico and now Indianapolis.

There are a few reasons behind the movement, according to The Heart of America Foundation.  Government spending has been cut in half from 2000 to 2008. Also, they say after parents and teachers, the physical environment is considered a child’s “third teacher.” So, upgrading that area will help the overall student production. This is happening all day Wednesday and News 8’s Joe Melillo will have updates on the transformation on Daybreak.