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USDA to start paying farmers nearly $4.7 billion in tariff aid

DANVILLE (WISH) — Indiana farmers are still hurting from President Trump’s feuds with world leaders over trade and tariffs.

This week, the U.S. Department of Agriculture announced it’s going to pay $4.7 billion to farmers to try to offset the costs of those tariffs.

David Hardin, who owns Hardin Farms in Danville, said Wednesday, “We’re still very concerned.”

Hardin grows soybeans and corn and raises pigs on the farm he owns. He told us he has lost thousands of dollars because of tariffs.

Hardin explained, “A lot of sleepless nights. Farmers like to be able to plan and have certainty.” 

Now, farmers might have a little certainty. 

The USDA said billions of dollars are on the way to help American farmers hurt by the fallout from President Trump’s trade feuds. Soybean farmers, like Hardin can expect the lion’s share.

“We’re glad we’re starting to see some action from the Administration to try and offset the losses that we’ve gotten,” said Hardin.   

The USDA said it plans to buy up to $1.2 Billion dollars of surplus food hit by retaliatory tariffs, and give the food to Federal nutrition assistance programs for children and low-income Americans. 

“We’ll be looking at a little over $20,000 on the payment for the pigs. That will take care of about 2 months of the losses we’ve incurred.”

He’s not sure yet about the corn and soybeans. But, the harvest starts within the next month. 

 “For us, it’s going to be important to just try and maintain cash flow and keep a positive outlook that hopefully the Administration and US trade representatives will be able to get a good deal for the United States,” Hardin said.

The USDA said farmers can apply for the aid beginning September 4th. Hardin said he hopes he gets the money soon.