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Video: Historic Fort Wayne building makes its move to new location

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – After 122 years, the old Cambray building is getting a new home.

Crews took on the challenge of lifting the two-story brick building off its foundation at 312 S. Harrison Street and moving it to a new location Monday morning.

The move comes as part of the Riverfront Development project in and around downtown Fort Wayne. The land where the building currently sits is slated to be part of the Promenade Park project, boat docks will be built near the spot.

Parks and Recreation initially bought the building and had two options: Tear it down or sell it. They decided to sell it.

Through some negotiations, the Hall family, known best for their restaurants, bought the building. In return, they sold a piece of land just north of the St. Mary’s River back to the City of Fort Wayne.

Hall’s plans on turning the historic building into a new restaurant, which will follow their theme of hospitality.

The building will eventually end up settling in at a county-owed parking lot in the southeast corner of Superior and Harrison streets, about a block from the current location.

The county is willing to give up the 31 parking spots there. The city agreed to give them 31 spots in the garage at the Ed Rousseau Centre between Clinton and Calhoun.

In the meantime, was moved to the northeast corner of the intersection the street while the final destination is prepared. That spot will eventually be turned into a mixed use complex.

Traffic was not impacted because the section of Harrison Street where the move happened is already closed for construction.