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Video: Miami nightclub loses license after horse brought onto dance floor

MIAMI (WFLA) – A horse’s alarming club appearance caused a Miami Beach nightclub to lose its license this week, city officials said.

A video shows a bikini-clad woman riding bareback on a white horse as it is led through the Mokai Lounge in South Beach Wednesday night.

“It’s a horse, a real horse,” a clubgoer is heard saying.

The animal, clearly out of its element, appears to lose its footing, takes a spill, then bucks, knocking the woman off its back.

Clubgoers let out gasps and screams as the panicked horse appears to try to bite someone before the video fades to black.

Once the video reached police and city officials, an investigation began and the nightclub’s license was revoked.

“I was disgusted and offended that any legitimate businessperson would think this was an appropriate action to take,” said City Manager Jimmy L. Morales. “This activity was not permitted, and as soon as we became aware, I immediately instructed staff to act swiftly in remedying this situation.”

“We are looking at this from all angles now. We’re looking at it from a city perspective in terms of licensing, and we’re looking at it from a police perspective in terms of the potential for cruelty charges,” said Miami Beach police officer Ernesto Rodriguez.