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Video shows fireball as Franklin home engulfed in flames

FRANKLIN, Ind. (WISH) — A man who lives a few doors down from a dramatic house fire in Franklin captured on video multiple explosions inside the home. One appeared to be a fireball. 

The home on the 800 block of Scorpio Court caught flame Tuesday evening, and the four people inside, including two children, got out safely. 

“Unbelievable that could happen right here next door,” said Molly Black, who lives next door.

The fireball was powerful enough to knock back firefighters already battling the blaze. 

“It absolutely looked like a movie,” said John Crow, who caught the scene on video, after seeing everyone made it out OK. 

“It looked like the entire house was going to go up.” 

The Franklin Fire Department is investigating what caused the fire. It started in the home’s garage, where there were some cars parked. Whatever happened, it caused multiple explosions. 

“It went up that high is the next one going to be worse,” said Crow, who was videotaping from about 100 yards away.

On Wednesday, the talk on the street was how lucky everyone is. Only one firefighter went to the hospital for heat exhaustion. That person was released soon after.

Crow said he witnessed a close call for another.

“There was one of the firemen was coming from around the house and as he came from around the corner that brick facade all fell at once with a giant whomp. And it just barely missed him,” he said.

Black’s home is about 30 feet to the right of the home on fire. A neighbor called Black, who rushed home from her son’s soccer game, to see her house amazingly looked alright.

The family displaced has been put up in a hotel. Tuesday serves as a reminder about preparing for the worst. 

“You hear it every day on the news about home fires and you think oh it won’t happen to us. Well it happened way too close to us this time,” said Black.

And now it’s a time for these neighbors to support a family as they work to rebuild.

“Hold your kids tight. Love your neighbors. That’s what this is all about,” said Black.