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Vigil held for 2 Anderson men missing since October

ANDERSON, Ind. (WISH) – Nearly three months after two Anderson men went missing, family and friends are still searching for answers.

At a candlelight vigil Sunday evening family and friends described William Bragg and Ralph Belvedere as best friends.

“We light these candles to share our hope and faith that they will return,” said Tammy Mattox, Bragg’s sister. “We just want to know what’s happened here.”

A few dozen people gathered in Belvedere’s backyard. When the two men disappeared, presumably together, they left everything behind.

“No word; no sign of sightings; nothing,” said Rob Bragg, Bragg’s brother. “Just vanished into thin air, really.”

The two lived across the street from one another. The vigil was held almost 90 days since they vanished. Sunday was Belvedere’s birthday

Family and friends said they don’t know what happened, but say they think about it constantly.

“It’s the last thing you think of each day when you lay your head down, it’s the first thing you think of every morning,” said Mattox.

“I’d talk to him (Belvedere) about every other day, and then when I found out this happened, it just blew me away,” said Jimmy Venable, Belvedere’s friend. “And I’ve been thinking about it every every day.”

Also missing is Belvedere’s car, a black 2002 Pontiac Aztec with license plate number RPE631.

“The main thing is the fact that there’s no communication whatsoever with anyone, so that’s why we believe there’s foul play involved,” said detective Michael Anderson with the Anderson Police Department.

“We need some closure; some kind of closure. What the hell, what happened to these guys?” said Venable.

Anyone with information should contact detective Anderson at 765-648-6747 or Anderson Crime Stoppers at 765-649-8310.

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