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What’s next for Luck’s Colts banner at Lucas Oil Stadium?

Colts Watch: What will happen to Andrew Luck banner on Lucas Oil Stadium?

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Andrew Luck is officially off the Colts, but he’s still at Lucas Oil Stadium in a big way.

His banner still hangs on the north side of Lucas Oil Stadium. But for how long?

It’s a decision that has to be in line with the Colts organization, but also with the team’s fanbase.

“They should take it down,” said Colts fan Larry Green.

“He needs to stay at Lucas Oil Stadium,” said Colts fan Nakia Cheatam.

After the curtain fell on Luck’s NFL career on Saturday night, because of his lower leg, the rain fell Monday on his banner outside the stadium.

Everyone News 8 talked to had an opinion what should be done with the giant picture.

“Give it to him!” said one fan.

The picture of the 29-year-old hangs in one of four slots on the side of the stadium. The others are occupied by a Colts horseshoe logo, T.Y. Hilton and Adam Vinatieri.

So what should be done with the image of the man’s face when the man is no longer the face of the organization?

“The banner should be held right above the field so that it’s always a remembrance and you can always see the sign,” said Colts fan Antonia Garrett.

“They should bring it down and put it back up inside and then put the starting quarterback (Jacoby) Brissett’s out there,” said Colts fan Jessie Scott.

So, the current starting quarterback or maybe a former starting quarterback?

“We wouldn’t have Lucas Oil Stadium if it wasn’t for Petyon Manning. It will always be his house,” said Colts fan Paul Johnson.

Others we talked to are hoping the team finds a way to pay tribute to Luck and his time here in Indianapolis.

“The banner should say ‘Thank you No. 12’ so that everyone can see,” Garrett said.

“Time will tell. He might just get better and come on back,” Scott said.

According to the team, there are multiple options for the display on the side of the stadium, but none are official. There also is no timeline on when the decision will be made on what to do with the banner or when it will happen.

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