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What’s that Noise? Foley artist reveals sound secrets

What’s that Noise? Foley artist reveals sound secrets 

What’s that Noise? Foley artist reveals sound secrets 

Dinosaur noises with your mouth? Beating on your chest?

Hmm. Those are the things Actress and Foley Artist Olivia Schaperjohn does, as part of an upcoming parody of Jurassic Park. 

And it’s seriously the coolest thing we’ve seen all week! Check out her “noises” that are anything but ordinary! 

“Hold On To Your Butts,” co-created and originally performed by Indianapolis native Nick Abeel of New York City’s Recent Cutbacks productions, runs every weekend until March 30 at The District Theatre at 627 Mass Ave. in downtown Indy’s Mass Ave Arts & Cultural District. 
Now, LAFFShows presents this live-action, shot-for-shot parody of Jurassic Park performed by just two actors and a foley artist. Part spoof, part tribute, this highly theatrical parody is intensely physical, imaginative, and silly. It uses only specific costume pieces and rudimentary props to recreate iconic moments from the film, all in about an hour. 
Just like an old-time radio show, Olivia has a prop table from which she grabs things to make sounds for the actors during the show. Examples include a glass jar, coffee can, kazoo, wooden spoon, silk flowers, etc. She can show you examples of each of the noises they make. 

After 10 months of being shuttered for an overhaul of management, operations, restoration and remodeling, the venue formerly known at Theatre on the Square (TOTS) reopened as The District Theatre in July 2018. Since then, it’s hosted several small and large productions on its two stages. With financial support from Central Indiana Community Foundation (CICF) and managed by Pauline Moffat of IndyFringe, The District Theatre is determined to keep live theatre thriving in the Mass Ave Arts & Cultural District in downtown Indianapolis. 

“Hold On To Your Butts” runs every Friday and Saturday at The District Theatre at 627 Mass Ave until March 30th. There are two shows each night at 8:00 p.m. for only $15 and at 10:00 p.m. for only $10. Tickets can be purchased at or by calling 317-308-9800.
LAFFShows is bringing two more parody shows to The District Theatre in the coming months, The Golden Girls: The Lost Episodes” April 5-27 and “Fly, You Fools!” a parody of “Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring” May 3- June 1.

To learn more, visit, Facebook, Instagram & Twitter: @TheIndyDistrict