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With gas prices low, how far will Americans go for the 4th?

FISHERS, Ind. (WISH) – Gas prices are the lowest they’ve been on a 4th of a July weekend in over a decade.

And it’s making this weekend one of the busiest yet.

The race to beat the holiday traffic was on Thursday at the Ricker’s gas station off Interstate 69. And as people filled up, they couldn’t help but notice the sticker shock.

“They’re great right now,” driver Jennifer Deo said. “I’m putting in premium for less than $3.”

“It’s shocking to see it that low,” driver Kelly Pop said. “Gas prices, other than this last year, haven’t been that low since I first started driving 20 years ago.”

It hasn’t been that long, but it’s been a while. AAA said Americans haven’t seen gas this low in eleven years.

Last year, the average price was $2.78. This year, it’s $2.31, which 47 cents less a gallon, which means the average driver will save $7 a fill.

“I’m going to Minneapolis over the 4th, so this is great,” driver Suzanne Stewart said. “It makes my trip a lot easier.”

“50 cents a gallon enables you to go on a longer trip, and be able to plan and know it’s less expensive and still go places you wanted to go,” Pop said. “Back when gas was $4 a gallon, you had to stay local. You couldn’t afford to go anywhere.”

Because of the numbers people are seeing at the pumps, it’s translating into a busy holiday weekend. AAA said more people will hit the roads this 4th of July than ever before.

In all, 43 million Americans will travel. Which presents drivers with another concern, traffic. “That’s a lot of people,” Deo said. “I hope they’re not traveling the same day I am.”

Experts say the earlier you hit the roads, the less likely you’ll encounter it, which is why people got their fill Thursday. “Just everybody be careful out there, and I think it’ll be great,” Pop said.

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