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Woman on west side robbed at gunpoint after helping strangers

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (WISH) – An Indianapolis woman said she let two strangers stay in her house for a few days two weeks ago and they ended up robbing her at gunpoint last night.

Now IMPD are searching for the suspects.

Dilma Padilla said two women, one that was holding a baby, came to her door two weeks ago.

She said they told her they were homeless, the baby was sick and they needed to food and a place to stay.

She let them stay with her family in her west side home for three days.

Padilla said they came back Monday night, and this time they had a gun.

She didn’t know that when she let them in the house, but she said one of them put the gun to her back while she was doing the dishes.

“(She) told me she wanted my computer and she wanted money, all the money I had in the house. I said, ‘I have no money. Take the computer, but I have no money,’” Padilla said. The two got away with the computer.

Padilla said the two people go by the names Brandi and Laura.