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Work release supervisor facing trafficking, sexual misconduct charges

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Charges have been filed against a former employee for CEC Corrections at the Liberty Hall work release facility, according to the Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry.

Prosecutors say that Marco Simmons was trafficking unauthorized items into a work release facility and having sex with an inmate while he was a work release supervisor. They say he also excepted bribe payments from an inmate in exchange for illegally carrying pills and a cell phone in the facility.

Simmons was charged with two counts of trafficking with an inmate, two counts of bribery, sexual misconduct and two counts of official misconduct. He is also charged with sexual misconduct and official misconduct for having a sexual relationship with a female inmate, prosecutors say.

At the time, Liberty Hall was serving female offenders who were referred from the Marion County Community Corrections and male offenders from the Indiana Department of Correction. The male offenders are no longer part of Liberty Hall.

Court documents show that a confidential source requested that Simmons help bring in unauthorized cell phones for the inmates to use in the facility. Simmons was also trafficking 100 placebo and 20 mg OxyContin tablets into the facility, according to the documents.

Simmons was arrested on Wednesday. He has an initial hearing scheduled for Monday.

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