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Azaleas will help Women’s Amateur play prettier

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – For 83 springs it’s been golf at the Augusta National, but this year women have joined the party. 

“I was the second one to tee off and just knowing that being one of the first women to tee off at Augusta and such a competitive field in a tournament like this…it was really special,” said Haylee Harford, one of the golfers in the Augusta National Women’s Amatuer.

Augusta National is really special maybe. Golf’s greatest test, but it’s also known for its beauty. So ladies, did you take the time to check out the flowers during the practice round?

“Yeah I tried to take time. You know you have to focus on the practice round too. Yes the flowers are incredible,” said Agathe Laisne, another ANWA participant. 

After some recent lean years, the azaleas are close to their A game. Maybe a little past peak, but still pretty spectacular.

“The flowers, everything I saw, everything…the trees…everything is just amazing,” said Marta Perez, an ANWA particpant. 

“Definitely admired the beauty and all the flowers. Stand sill in some of the fairways to take a look at the course,” said Haylee. 

Azaleas have about an 18 day shelf life, give or take, so these on Saturday for the final round of the Women’s Amateur still will be looking good. A week from Sunday the final round of the Masters…not so much. 

“You’re going to have better azaleas.”

“Oh yeah that’s cool,” said Haylee. 

“Your azaleas are going to be better you got a leg us on the guys.”

“I guess we are just better,” said Agathe, with a smile.

“I’m sorry for them but I’m going to enjoy them tomorrow,” said Marta. 

There is a new game in town and the bloom is still on.