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Could new Star Wars trailer drop during the Super Bowl?

The stars could align to once again catch a glimpse of the latest installment of the Star Wars franchise during the upcoming Super Bowl.

The as-yet-untitled Star Wars Episode IX is set to hit theaters Dec. 20, 2019. It’s the last movie in the latest trilogy which began with “The Force Awakens” and “The Last Jedi,” combining new characters with some well-known favorites from the original series.

Reports suggest the newest movie’s teaser trailer will drop during the Super Bowl, according to the Express. Composer John Williams, who provided the soundtrack on every Star Wars movie, is rumored to be working on an exclusive piece just for the trailer.

Principal photography on the new film began in August and is expected to wrap up in February, perhaps perfectly coinciding with a Super Bowl trailer release. Additionally, promoting a new Star Wars film in the Super Bowl is nothing new. The first teaser trailer for the most recent movie in the ever-expanding franchise, “Solo: A Star Wars Story,” was released during the 2018 Super Bowl.

It’s a spinoff separate from the newest trilogy and focuses on the origin story of the famed Han Solo.