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European Colts fans looking forward to Germany game on their turf

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — There is a small but mighty group of fans across the pond that support the Indianapolis Colts through it all: Wins, losses, and even a five or six-hour time difference when it comes to watching games live.

Lucas Lejeune has been a Colts super fan ever since he studied abroad in Indiana in 2019. He said getting to see the Colts play in Frankfurt, Germany as someone from Roermond, Netherlands would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

“I saw they were going to Germany and I was absolutely losing it,” Lejeune said. “It’s crazy that they are going to be playing a game three hours away from me. Very surreal and I look forward to hopefully seeing them in Frankfurt this November.”

Joseph Spry lives in Coventry, England. He became a Colts fan as a result of cheering for the Pacers 10 years ago. His dedication to the team has been unwavering ever since.

“Having the opportunity to go over there and also watch the Colts since I’ve never actually managed to watch them in person before, I was really excited,” Spry said.

Andy Waugh lives in Dublin, Ireland. he became a Colts fan after his uncle immigrated to Indianapolis more than 40 years ago.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Waugh said. “You’re waking up first thing in the morning and you’re realizing the Colts are basically coming as close to your doorstep as you can get.”

These fans said after putting in the effort to watch the games live in the middle of the night, they hope they can get tickets.

“We are probably one of the smallest fan bases out of all the NFL, hence you can see that the passion is really there,” Waugh said. “And we really want to travel to Frankfurt together and make this work.”

“I think that the Colts should do something about European fans and our dedication. Hopefully, they can help us and we can get tickets at a normal time and in the stadium,” Lejeune said.

Waugh already has his plane tickets and hotel booked and LeJeune plans to book his soon. Spry said being a university student will make it harder to make this dream a reality.

“Over the summer and in the near future, I am going to be working very hard to make as much money as I can and hopefully book everything in one go,” Spry said. “I would do literally anything to go over. As Andy said, we are a core fan base and we put in long nights to watch the Colts.”

Fans can register to purchase international tickets with the NFL here.

After preregistering for tickets, fans interested in international games will still have to try to secure their seats on Ticketmaster.