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Meet the custom cleats’ creator for several Colts players

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — One of the best parts of playing in prime time is the game-day fashion the guys bring to the big stage!

News 8 met the man that creates the custom cleats for several of the Colts players.

Colts running back Nyheim Hines said, “I looked at a lot of the cleats he had and it made … it was something I wanted to roll with. He’s really talented guy. So I, you know, when you see some talent, you try to just hang on to it and ride his coattails.”

Hines was the first professional football player to commission work from TheEE703, a one-man shop out of Alexandria, Virginia. It was the first of many big breaks that Rodney Jackson would catch in the coming years, because the Colts are keeping him busy, round the clock now.

Cornerback Isaiah Rodgers said, “I think that was the main thing that I really cared about was just not just helping guys come up. You know, even though he’s a young guy, he’s very smart, very intelligent in what he’s doing. And as you can see from the cleats, he’s great at what he’s doing. So, I think the main thing right now is just watching him take off with it.”

“Yea, basically it’s my full time gig now,” 21-year-old Rodney Jackson added. “So, how I started was back my freshman year of high school, I started, I had a pair of football gloves and I didn’t like the color of it. So, I went to Walmart to buy paint and paint over it. And I was just like, OK, I like this, that, let me try on it. Let me try it on some cleats and just went from there.”

Monday night in Baltimore will be the first time Jackson gets to see his work in prime time. He will be in the stands to take in the big moment.

“I’ll be lost for words, and then going to automatically pull my phone out and just start recording because I’m just going to be like, ‘Oh, my God, they’re wearing my stuff.’ So, that’s going to be a crazy feeling,” Jackson said.

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