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Masters brings thousands of golf fans to Augusta

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Spring is here and so is the Masters. The highly anticipated golf tournament is bringing in thousands of fans worldwide into the city of Augusta. With all smiles, visitors are taking over the city and getting ready for practice rounds to tee off. 

“Warm weather, green grass, and a lot of good grass,” says a Masters visitor. 

Teeing off the Masters kept the Augusta Regional Airport, local hotels, and Washington Road very busy. Every year the golf tournament brings in thousands of golf fans from around the world. 

“I’m coming from West Palm Beach Florida.” “From South Bend Indiana.” “From Buffalo New York.” “Houston Texas.” “I’m from Arkansas,” says a group of patrons. 

Though it’s an exclusive event, it’s also on television leaving golf fans in awe and tempts them to get off the couch and experience the beauty for themselves. 

“It’s pretty! You walk out to the course, you walk down the range, and it’s almost like you’re looking at a painting of the trees,” says Hayden Spinos, Masters fan. 

“Everything is so organized,” says Gaye Stark, Masters visitor. “But also the grass, the beauty, and mainly the elevation of the golf course. You don’t see that see that on TV.” 

“Just walking on the turf is like heaven on earth,” says golf fan. 

Currently this is the hottest ticket in the country. Here in Augusta, people are looking for tickets everywhere for practice rounds and the tournament itself. Just to see the greenery of the Masters and the prestigious event. 

“We waited about 10 years to win the lottery.”

“I’ve been about 25 or 30 times.”

“It’s my 3rd time actually.” 

Before visitors take on the course, they are crowding some of the staple restaurants in the area–like TBonz. Many patrons are looking forward to exploring the town, but more importantly seeing their favorite player tee a final winning score and take home the legendary green jacket.