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Rainy days not getting Masters patrons down

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Masters week continues in Augusta and Tuesday was hit or miss when it came to the weather. Rain was the big headline of the day.

The folks who work the gates stayed busy. The course opened, closed and opened again before lunchtime was over.

Their Tuesday at the Masters was barely 2 hours old.

The weather warning went up, and the course was shut down.

“I still had fun.”

Good attitudes all around. All these patrons on the trip of a lifetime, making a u-turn.

“In no way will rain ruin the experience.” Why? “I think it’s just wonderful being here.”

“You know, it is what it is. We took a chance on the weather. Fortunately it’s been good so far.”

And for some, that trip of a lifetime was a really long one.

“We came all the way from Chicago. First time ever. Just gotten to town. So, not the best moment.”

“Just incredible. We came all the way from the UK. We’ve waited for tickets for 8-years. We finally got the tickets. And here we go.”

A lot of people we talked to say their Masters experience is going to be enjoyable no matter what. They say after all, there’s a lot more to do around here than just watch golf.

“Just soak up the atmosphere, the flowers, the quality of the course. Everything. We can’t do anything about it, can we?”

The forecast calls for a beautiful Wednesday. Wonderful news for ticket holders then. But news that doesn’t do a whole lot for the galleries that got turned away on Day 2.

“This is a great venue and you just have to come out and enjoy all of it.”

“We’ll be here all day. We’re in no rush to get back.”

It is frustrating for sure, but people handled it well as you saw there. And bottom line it’s in the interest of safety. You have to be careful with the weather here, especially in the springtime.