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Super security in place for the Super Bowl

You cannot win the Super Bowl without great defense, but the strongest defense employed in Minneapolis is the defense of US Bank Stadium and the people in it come Sunday.

Multiple agencies, including the FBI and the MN National Guard, are working with Minneapolis police this week. The city regularly employs 840 officers, but for this event more than 3,000 officers will be on duty…and the plan’s already in motion.

“We are 100% prepared for this event.” says Bruce Folkens, Commander of the Minneapolis Police Department. 

Access to the stadium is practically impossible, and for fans trying to get in the doors Sunday, they should expect long lines with temperatures forecast in the single digits. But safety comes first.

“We worked with the NFL and their folks and have really come up with a good gameplan as far as getting people in and out of the venue and in and out of the stadium on Super Bowl Sunday and try to get multiple ways to get those folks in and out to minimize the time they’ll be outside waiting for the game.” Folkens said. 

And tight security runs throughout the week…even the players see law enforcement’s gameplan at work. 

“Oh, it’s unreal. You would think the President’s around here the way the security is but I have a lot of respect for it,” says Eagles receiver Torrey Smith. 

Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins will play in his second career Super Bowl, and he’s noticed the difference. “Because of where we are as a world right now and as a society security is a must and I think obviously it’s been an emphasis,” he said.

Security cameras and motion detectors have been added throughout the city, plus air quality sensors. Police have analyzed terror attacks around the world to prepare to defend the building.