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Take a VR tour of the new LA stadium

ATLANTA (NEXSTAR) — If you thought Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta was expensive, then cover your ears. 

The price tag for LA Stadium at Hollywood Park? $4 billion.

It’s the most expensive stadium project in American history. It’s the future home of the Los Angeles Rams and the Los Angeles Chargers.

It is also the site of Super Bowl 56 in 2022. 

“Well I think there are two things that make this stadium truly unique. The first is it’s the world’s first indoor-outdoor stadium. So while you have a roof that brings in clear sunlight, natural air, there are no walls on the stadium,” said Kevin Demoff, Chief Operating Officer of the Rams. “You’re not gonna feel like you’re in a dome. You’re gonna feel like you’re on a giant patio. So essentially you’re sitting outside, you’re watching a game, you’re covered in case it rains or there is additional sun.”

A virtual reality tour for the new stadium is now available.

“The only difference with VR, you don’t have the sights and sounds and smells. So when you’re passionate and you’re sitting in that stadium and we’re at the Coliseum, and you hear the “Who’s House, Rams House” chants, that’s what’s gonna bring the stadium to life,” Demoff said. “The VR shows you how wonderful it will be but it’s somewhat antiseptic when you look around and say it’s great to see my seats, they look wonderful.”

It’s a little more than 60 percent complete. Which means it is on track to open next summer.

“Now that the roof is starting to get into place, you really start to see the original vision of the architects and Stan Kroenke had for this building and that’s to be a piece of architecture in Los Angeles, not just one of those stadiums that rises out of the ground and dominates the landscape,” Demoff said.