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Sunday Night Weather

After 2 days in a row where our high temperature hit 90 degrees, our temperatures will be moderating in the week ahead. And the relative humidity will stay under control also. Mostly dry weather continues but there is a slight chance for showers late Tuesday and again next weekend.

Tonight – Mostly clear with good viewing of the full strawberry moon tonight. Low 57.

Monday – Mostly sunny and pleasantly cool in the morning. Low 57. Afternoon high 85.

Tuesday – Clear and mild in the morning. Low 60. Mostly sunny and warm but not too humid in the afternooon. High 85. A chance for showers late in the day.

Extended Outlook (Wed – Mon)
Cooler temperatures near normal Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. Getting warmin Saturday. Chance for showers Sunday and then back to cooler temperatures next Sunday and Monday.

Showers way west and showers way east. All dry around the Midwest and Great Lakes.
A brisk northeast wind brought in a little cooler dry air so our string of 90 degree days ended today.
The northeast wind also brought dry air which shows up as lower dew points in the 40s in our area.
FutureCast shows a few clouds over Central Indiana Monday afternoon and a cold front making it’s way south through the Great Lakes.
Warm, but not too humid on Monday.
FutureCast for Tuesday afternoon shows the cold front moving through Central Indiana. The front will bring a slight chance for scattered showers. Then cooler air will move in here for a couple days.