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Historically wet Indiana tropical systems

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Over this past weekend a tropical system dumped a lot of rain in the Miami area. Some spots recorded over 10″ of rain on June 4 which caused flooding. That system eventually strengthened and became Tropical Storm Alex east of Florida.

The heavy rain within this tropical system got us thinking about tropical systems to make it to Indiana. Here are some wet tropical systems that did drop a good amount of rain in the record books for Indy.

In 1979, Bob brought over 4″ of rain and then not too long after Claudette brought near 3″ of rain to Indy. It goes to show you wind isn’t always the defining factor for these tropical systems. A weaker tropical depression, tropical storm, or hurricane can still bring a lot of rain depending on the conditions. As we continue to go into hurricane season, we will monitor the tropics too see if any remnant or weak tropical systems can drive moisture into Indiana.