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Accessing economic and social growth for Indian communities in Indiana

The Indiana India Business Council is a group that advocates for strengthening economic and social growth between the state of Indiana and India.

The council has contributed significantly to the growth and prosperity of both Indiana and India.

Indiana and India share a strong economic relationship that has grown significantly in recent years.

The Indian community in Indiana has grown tremendously since the 1950s and 60s when the first 13 families arrived to work at IU or Lilly.

Today, there are more than 35,000 people of Indian descent in Central Indiana, most of whom work in various professional fields like science, medicine, and technology.

The Indiana India Business Council has played a significant role in preserving Indian culture in Indiana.

The council has helped establish several temples, including a Hindu temple on the east side of the state, a mosque, and an Indian church.

The council also hosts events like the Indiana India Gala and Asian Fest, where people from different Indian states can come together to showcase their cultural heritage through music, dance, and other performances.

The council has also helped connect small and large businesses in both Indiana and India, contributing to economic growth in both places.

Overall, the Indiana India Business Council has played a significant role in strengthening the economic and cultural relationship between Indiana and India. The council’s efforts to connect small businesses, preserve cultural heritage, and foster innovation have helped to create a vibrant and prosperous community in both places.