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Dr. David Hampton discusses the LISC Love Thy Neighborhood Awards

Today, we are delighted to welcome Dr. David Hampton, a prominent figure in the realm of community development and a key player in the upcoming LISC Love Thy Neighborhood Awards. Dr. Hampton’s extensive expertise in urban revitalization and his dedication to fostering thriving communities make him the perfect guest to shed light on the incredible work that LISC, the Local Initiatives Support Corporation, undertakes.

With the Love Thy Neighborhood Awards just around the corner, we look forward to discussing the profound impact LISC has on communities and small businesses nationwide. From affordable housing initiatives to small business support, LISC has been a driving force behind positive change, and Dr. Hampton is here to share insights into their mission and the exciting awards event that celebrates their achievements.

LISC, with its mission to bolster communities and support small businesses, is an organization that truly exemplifies the spirit of transformation. During our conversation, Dr. Hampton will provide a glimpse into the various programs and projects that LISC champions to create inclusive, vibrant neighborhoods. From investing in affordable housing to offering financial resources to budding entrepreneurs, LISC’s multifaceted approach has been instrumental in enhancing the quality of life in countless neighborhoods. For those eager to learn more about LISC and the Love Thy Neighborhood Awards, please visit their website at This episode promises to be an enlightening exploration of the vital work being done to strengthen communities and empower small businesses across the country.