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Applying for grants and awards can transform your business

Business grants and awards like the LISC Love Thy Neighborhood Awards can help your business grow and achieve new goals. This year’s Love Thy Neighborhood Awards will air on WISH-TV on September 11 at 7:00 p.m. Dr. David Hampton, Executive Director of LISC Indianapolis, explained how LISC is building better neighborhoods in today’s “Access to Capital” segment. Plus, we met one of the winners of last year’s LISC Love Thy Neighborhood Awards and how that impacted their business.

Hampton advises business owners to never give up and learn to view every obstacle as a potential opportunity. Many businesses fail, but he says some of the greatest success stories come from the greatest failures. Failure is not final, and a delay is not a denial. For those who are struggling in businesses, Hampton recommends finding applicable resources like LISC and create realistic goals.

Katina Washington, Owner of SHE Xperience Shoppes, was introduced to LISC during the Covid-19 pandemic. The SHE Event was created to give various businesses a platform and they ended up winning the 2021 LISC People’s Choice Award. Winning the award helped give the company some of the capital they needed to move into a store in Circle Center Mall. They were the first Black-owned department store in Circle Center Mall.

LISC Indianapolis wants to help improve neighborhoods and the community’s economic resilience. They can provide services like credit enhancement, technical assistance, and capacity building. Learn more about LISC Indianapolis here.

You can learn more about SHE Xperience Shoppes here.

This information is presented by Dr. David Hampton.