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Business Coach Says Delegation is Essential for Small Business Owners 

2024-02-04 – BE&O RYB

Studies show that 35% of business owners acknowledged needing help strengthening their delegation skills. 

Andrea Liebross, a certified Business Life Coach and the author of “She Thinks Big: The Entrepreneurial Woman’s Guide to Moving Past the Messy Middle and into the Extraordinary, says learning to delegate is one of the most important skills for a small business owner to master. 

Liebross says small business owners often fear delegating because they worry about others not doing the task well or that delegating somehow implies they can’t pull their weight. But she says delegation can benefit every aspect of your company when used correctly.   

“Are you really babysitting or giving a vision and trusting them to do it?” is a question Liebross often asks of business owners who have an issue with delegation. She also asks, “Where do you shine?” imploring business owners to focus on the areas of their organization where they will have the greatest impact.    

Most importantly, Liebross wants small business owners to ask themselves, “Do I have the energy? Do I have the resources? Is it going to move the needle?”