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Carolyn Mosby shares leadership perspective, success journey

Carolyn Mosby has spent her entire career as an advocate for the economic growth of minority businesses and nonprofits. She attributes her personal and professional success to lessons learned for her mentors, including her trailblazing mother. Mosby shares her triumphs and tips in today’s Success Story segment.

Throughout her career, Mosby has worked in the nonprofit sector, corporate America, and for a government agency. She has worked at the Mid-States Minority Supplier Development Council for eleven years and currently serves as the organization’s President and CEO.

Carolyn’s mother, the late Indiana State Senator Carolyn Brown Mosby (D-Gary), authored Indiana’s first Minority Business legislation which led to the creation of the Governor’s Commission on Minority Business Development. Carolyn saw her mother as a strong leader who wasn’t afraid to go up against a challenge. She was taught to speak up for herself, never be afraid to take a position or a stand, and to go with her gut.

Mosby has always held the perspective of “people will treat you how you allow them to treat you, so if you establish boundaries and other things upfront, that changes the direction and the way that other people accept and interact with you.”

You can learn more about Mid-States Minority Supplier Development Council here.

This information is presented by Carolyn Mosby.