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Elevate Ventures is Giving $3 Million to Indiana Entrepreneurs 

2024-01-28 – BE&O ATC

Elevate Ventures is preparing to supply entrepreneurs with $3 million in capital to help create, grow, and nurture the next generation of minority business owners. 

Titi Obasanyo, the Entrepreneur in Residence for Elevate Ventures, says the new Elevate Me program will provide much-needed seed money for someone looking to turn their idea into a business. “It’s exciting times.” The program aims to redefine capital by helping minority entrepreneurs overcome barriers to accessing funds from venture capital firms.    

Obasanyo says the funds can be used to identify challenges in the marketplace and create a solution that can be scaled into a business. The plan is another initiative from Elevate Ventures, which is working to connect business owners with entrepreneur support organizations across Indiana. 

Obasanyo encourages budding entrepreneurs to think outside the box and build a business around a problem in the marketplace. She says it’s important to look for growing industries and imagine how you would scale your business to meet the need.  

The Elevate Me initiative will start the program by writing $20,000 checks to entrepreneurs to explore and identify opportunities for creating a business. Obasanyo says the money can be used on everything from attending conventions to research and discovery trips. 

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