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Eleven Fifty Academy founder Scott Jones pays his success forward

This week, we explore how software genius Scott Jones went from working at MIT and inventing several technological advancements, to founding Eleven Fifty Academy in Indianapolis. Eleven Fifty Academy is a non-profit focused on teaching software development to the next generation, and specializing in cybersecurity programs.

Jones has always had an entrepreneurial spirit, as he would often run lemonade stands as a child. From running haunted houses to working at carnivals, he gained various types of business experience at an early age. Although he was always interested in technology, Jones initially studied to become a doctor, until one computer science course made him fall in love with it. He began taking as many computer science classes at Indiana University as he could, and even helped professors with their computers. Jones also happened to follow one of those professors to MIT’s Artificial Intelligence Lab, where he got exposure to some of the tech industry’s top innovators.

Jones went on to create his own version of voicemail and create several types of patents that changed the telecom industry. As a 25 year old, Scott and his 26-year-old business partner were taking on the world.

As for advice for entrepreneurs, Jones recommends approaching a task with fresh eyes, and doing the thing you’re most passionate about.

For more information on Eleven Fifty Academy, watch the video above or click here.

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