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How to Attract New Customers With a Podcast

2023-12-10 – BE&O GS

In the world of business marketing, one of the most effective ways to attract new customers is to tell your company story. And one of the best ways to tell your story is with a podcast.

Dave Jackson, from the School of Podcasting and author of the book Profit From Your Podcast, says when starting a podcast, remember that it’s all in the name. He says a proper name can make or break the reach your podcast receives. “You have to really put yourself in the shoes of your audience,” says Jackson. It’s important to consider what your audience puts into a search bar when looking for a podcast. If you are a local plumber with a podcast about plumbing, it would be wise to put the word “plumbing” somewhere in the title of your show.

In addition to making the name of your podcast simple and easy to find, Jackson says it is important to interact with your audience as much as possible. Many small business owners host a question-and-answer segment on their show where employees from across the organization can answer questions from potential customers. Jackson says engagement is crucial to creating a bond with your audience, and that type of back-and-forth interaction can create loyal and repeat customers.

It is important to think of your podcast as another extension of your marketing efforts. Jackson says a podcast should be seen as a commercial for your business, but one that is more affordable to produce and distribute. 

One key to increasing the reach of your podcast is to make sure you place the show in any available podcast directories. This includes Apple, Amazon Music, and iHeartRadio directories. 

Lastly, Jackson encourages business owners to leverage their customer and prospect email lists to serve the podcast directly to their target audience.    

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