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Focusing on opportunities and advancements in the farming industry

Indiana has a reputation for being home to race cars, basketball, and farms. The state’s agricultural industry remains strong, with small business owners and family farmers at its core.

The director of the Indiana State Department of Agriculture, Don Lamb, comes from a family of farmers who have worked the same land for generations. He believes that farming should be at the heart of economic development in the state.

The Indiana Department of Agriculture is responsible for soil and water conservation, agricultural education, economic development, and tracking legislation that affects agriculture. The state’s Indiana Grown program helps smaller farmers and entrepreneurs build a business.

Lamb believes that there are many opportunities in agriculture, from small to large businesses. Purdue University’s agricultural college is one of the best in the country and a valuable resource for the state.

Technology has played a significant role in improving efficiency and reducing costs. For example, GPS is used to soil samples and apply fertilizers, and planners use maps of soil types to plant different seeding rates in different areas of a field. The amount of variables that go into planning is huge, and technology continues to improve, making agriculture a very exciting industry.

As the world becomes more digital, Lamb believes that young people who are good with computers and technology and who have a love for agriculture will be vital for the future of the industry.

Agriculture is not just about farming but also about conservation, education, and economic development. Lamb believes that agriculture is an excellent opportunity for young people to build strong, successful businesses that benefit the environment and the economy.