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Kismetic Beer Company Wants You to Get Comfortable 

2023-11-26 – BE&O SuSt

Craving an inclusive and comfortable space that served hard-to-find beers, Nicole Oesch and her husband opened the Kismetic Beer Company in April 2022.  

Located inside the 201 Studio on the near-eastside of Indianapolis, the Kismetic Beer Company quickly fit into the quirky building that houses independent artisans and jewelry makers. It wasn’t long before the brewery became a trusted spot in the community for neighbors to meet and socialize.  

Oesch said the brewery had its share of challenges before opening, including an eight-month-long process of getting proper zoning for the building, approval from community members, and an extensive interior renovation. 

Sporting a menu of lagers, ciders, wines, and more, the Kismetic Beer Company focuses on serving lower ABV beers that usually don’t reach above 7%. The brewery also serves non-alcoholic beverages. Oesch says she and her husband designed the beers to be “something we wanted to drink.”    

Kismetic Beer Company was recently awarded a small business grant that will allow Nicole and her husband to purchase larger brew tanks and upgrade the brewery.  

The 201 Studio, which served as a radiator factory many years ago, now hosts a bi-annual open house where visitors can visit artist workshops and buy handmade furniture or jewelry. The next open house will be on December 9 from 4 pm to 9 pm.  

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