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Local Venture Capital Fund Invests in Black Businesses

2024-02-11 – BE&O ATC

An Indianapolis private equity firm has created a fund to pool assets and capital for Black business owners. 

Cambridge Capital Management focuses on providing capital as a way to provide traditional sources of financing for small businesses. Included in their portfolio is the Lynx Capital fund that targets minority businesses. 

Jean Wojtowicz, the founder and CEO of Cambridge Capital Management, says the Lynx fund was established in 1991 to support minority-owned businesses. In addition to providing financing, Cambridge Capital provides guidance and tools to help entrepreneurs as their business grows.   

To qualify for funding from the Lynx fund, a business must have a minimum of five employees, have been operating for a minimum of three years, and have a project size of at least $75,000.  

Since its founding, Cambridge Capital has provided over 190 Indiana companies with more than $890 million in financing and capital.