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Military Veterans Find Jobs and Resources With INvets

2023-11-26 – BE&O RYB

INvets is a nonprofit public/private partnership with the state of Indiana that focuses on attracting, retaining, and cultivating Indiana’s veterans into the civilian workforce. The organization partners with Indiana companies and nonprofits to help veterans maximize their potential in Indiana. 

INvets also provides resources to veterans looking to find their dream career outside of the military. Katelyn Colclazier, Vice President of Advancement for INvets, says the organization partners with over 500 employers across the state, and those employers are looking to fill over 175,000 open positions. 

Colclazier, a commissioned officer in the United States Army Reserve, says INvets serves members of all military branches and provides career-building resources to veterans looking to return to Indiana after their service.  

Colclazier also points out some of the difficulties veterans may have when returning home from service and begin looking for a career. She says many veterans want to continue the type of work they did in the military, but that is not always possible. That’s where Invets provides training and resources to help veterans adjust to a new career path. “No one size fits all for people coming out of the military,” Colclazier says.  

However, she highlights many benefits for employers who hire military veterans. She says even though a veteran may not have the perfect resume for a given position, their ability to adapt to changes, learn quickly, and be open to new training.  

Since many military members enter service right out of high school, they do not always have a set career path laid out when exiting the service. Many veterans have to start their careers in the civilian workforce at the bottom of the corporate ladder and work their way up. But Colclazier says, “Given the opportunity, I think that any veteran can strive in whatever industry they are interested in.” 

Colclazier, a proud Hoosier, says she is optimistic about the many veterans choosing to move to Indiana after their time in the military has finished. She says it’s an ideal place for them to start the next chapter of their life. 

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