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Spokenote Launches Partnership With Indiana Pacers 

2024-01-14 – BE&O show GS

When the Indiana Pacers recently took the court to face the Milwaukee Bucks they became the first professional team in America to feature a scannable patch on the front of their jersey. 

Not only did the Pacers win the game that night, but they also made history with their new team Partner, Spokenote. When scanned, the new patches on the jerseys allow viewers and fans to access exclusive videos and content from the Indiana Pacers.  

Spokenote Founder and CEO John Wechsler says the partnership is the culmination of two years of planning with the Pacers. He says the QR code allows people to add video content to almost anything. All users have to do is scan a sticker, record a video, and then attach it to anything they like. He calls it a “digital sticky note.” 

Wechsler says the Pacers were looking for a jersey partner when they approached him about a partnership with Spokenote. The team was looking for a local tech company, and his organization seemed to be a perfect fit. “I was honored and humbled to get that call,” he says. 

Since the announcement, Wechsler says sports teams and leagues from across the country have reached out to Spokenote to discuss sponsorships and partnerships. The possibilities seem endless, and he sees the product spreading across the country.  

Wechsler encourages entrepreneurs to seize the moment when opportunities like this present themselves. He says it’s like catching lighting in a bottle; business owners must be ready to capitalize when the moment strikes.  

Spokenote is currently working on scaling up its operations to include retail sales so everyday consumers can record their videos on the innovative digital sticky notes and attach them to any physical item they like.